List of Topics

Grade 8

  1. Square roots and the Pythagorean Theorem
  2. Integer operations
  3. Fraction operations
  4. Surface area and Volume of any shape
  5. Percent, ratio, and rate problems
  6. Solving linear equations and graphing
  7. Basic statistics and probability
  8. Geometry (excluding tessellations)
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Grade 9

  1. Surface area and volume of composite objects
  2. Power and exponent laws
  3. Rational number operations
  4. Linear relations
  5. Polynomials operations (including adding subtracting and multiplying)
  6. Linear equations and inequalities
  7. Scale and transformations
  8. Circle geometry
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Grade 10

  1. Measurement including SI and imperial units
  2. Surface area and volume of any composite objects
  3. Trigonometry (including sine, cosine and tangent ratios)
  4. Factoring (including common factor, binomial and trinomial factoring)
  5. Roots and Powers (including simplifying radicals and exponent laws)
  6. Relations and functions
  7. Linear functions (including slope‐intercept, slope­‐point, and general form, as well as parallel and perpendicular line)
  8. Systems of linear equations (including graphing, substitution and elimination methods)
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Grade 11

  1. Sequences and series (including arithmetic, geometric and infinite geometric)
  2. Trigonometry (including sine, cosine laws and angles in standard position)
  3. Quadratic functions and equations (including vertex form, standard form, solving quadratic equations and other related application )
  4. Radical operation and equations (including any simplifying, radical equation solving and related application )
  5. Rational expressions and equations (including simplifying rational expression, rational equations solving and related application )
  6. Absolute value and equations (including piece-­‐wise function, absolute functions, equations and related application )
  7. System of equations (including linear-­‐linear, linear-­‐quadratic, and quadratic-­‐quadratic )
  8. Linear and quadratic inequalities
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Grade 12

  1. Transformation (including expansion/compression, reflection, and translation)
  2. Polynomial functions and equations (including behaviors of graphs, remainder, and factor theorem)
  3. Trigonometry (including ratios, equations, graphs, sinusoidal functions, application problems, identities, equations involving identities)
  4. Exponential functions and equations
  5. Logarithmic functions and equations (including laws of logarithmic, graphs, and solving equations)
  6. Function operations (including sum, differences, products, quotients and composite)
  7. Combinatorics (including permutation, combination, binomial theorem, pathway problems, and Pascal triangles)
  8. Statistics (including mean, median, standard deviation, mode, normal distribution, z-­‐ score, approximation to binomial distribution, confidence interval)
  9. Probability (including basic probability question and conditional probability)
  10. Conics (including circle, ellipse, hyperbola equations)
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Differential calculus (single variable)

  1. Evaluating limits using limit laws (including horizontal asymptotes)
  2. Determining derivative using definition of derivative
  3. Differential rules (including power rules, product rules, quotient rules, chain rules, trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, implicit differential)
  4. Application of derivative (including exponential growth & decay, related rates, mean value theorem, curve sketching, extreme value theorem, Fermat’s theorem, Rolls’ theorem, concavity, critical numbers, inflection points, optimization, L’Hospital’s rules)
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Integral Calculus (single variable)

  1. Integral technique (including substation, integration by parts, trigonometry integration, trigonometry substation, partial fraction, approximate integral, improper integral)
  2. Area and volume (including area between two curves, cylinder shell and washer methods)
  3. Separable differential equations
  4. Infinite sequences and series (sequences, series, integral test, comparison test, alternating series, absolute convergence, the ratio and root test, power series)
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  1. SAT math problems
  2. SSAT math problems
  3. ISEE math problems
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